BusyMac Store

Purchasing Direct vs. Mac App Store

You may purchase our apps direct or from the Mac App Store. The price is the same for new customers but upgrades, volume discounts, and special offers are only available direct.

Registration Code

The direct version requires a registration code. If you have lost your registration code, click here to look up your registration code.

The Mac App Store version does not require a registration code and can be downloaded from the Purchases tab of the Mac App Store.

License Information

When purchasing direct, you will receive a single registration code whether you purchase one license or multiple licenses.

  • A single-user registration code may be used by one individual on multiple Macs.
  • A multi-user registration code may be used on the number of Macs equal to the number of licenses purchased.

Volume Discounts

We offer volume discounts when purchasing multiple licenses:

  • 1 license = $49.99 ea.
  • 2-4 licenses = $39.99 ea. (save 20%)
  • 5-9 licenses = $34.99 ea. (save 30%)
  • 10+ licenses = $29.99 ea. (save 40%)

Contact us for site-license pricing.

Educational Discounts

We offer a 20% discount to staff and students at educational institutions. Contact us for details.

Refund Policy

Please download the 30-day trial and evaluate the software before purchasing it. Contact us if you would like a refund.

New Customers

App Icon 48

BusyCal — $49.99

Purchase a new single-user or multi-user license

Upgrades for Existing Customers

The following special offer is available to existing customers. You must provide the email address you used to purchase your BusyMac app to qualify for upgrade pricing.

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BusyCal Upgrade — $29.99

BusyCal 1.x to BusyCal 2.x upgrade — Save 40%

Additional Licenses for Existing Customers

If you previously purchased BusyCal, you may increase your number of licenses without requiring a new registration code. Enter your BusyCal registration code below to add additional licenses to your existing registration code.

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Purchase additional Licenses

Enter your BusyCal registration code